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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a small, family run business with sustainability in mind.

How did our business idea start?

After wedding dress shopping and appreciating the excessive cost and low sustainability of wedding dresses, being for most parts only ever worn once. We had the idea, why not look into giving brides to be, more options to be able to have the wedding dress shopping experience, but with the option to buy a preowned dress. There are lots of brides offering to sell their wedding dresses, but not many people are brave enough to go to someone’s home and hand over a large amount of money and take away a dress that may not even suit them. Let alone try it on in a strangers house. This is where we gained the inspiration to function as the intermediate and allow brides this option but also give them the experience that they would have should they be going to buy new. We are hoping to give brides the ability to find the special one, so they can say yes to the dress, without the risk of buying privately.

Our Story

Wedding dresses are usually only worn for one day, why something so beautiful is it stored away and never worn again. The average price a bride pays for a wedding dress in the UK is £1313 with that in mind and in the current crisis where recycling is so important, why not reuse? This is how the idea came to mind. Why not get a beautiful dress that has a story of love behind it already. We realise how hard it is for brides who want a

pre-loved dress with the limited amount of opportunities to get that special moment to be able to say yes to the dress. Also with buying online you are not getting the full bridal experience in which we will provide. 


Why buy with us?

The sustainable wedding alliance ( identifies that it takes between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of water and 10-20 kilograms of carbon emissions to make one wedding dress. That only gets worn once!! These dresses are often works of art and beauty and deserve to be shown off more than this. The impact on the environment is huge, if we do not amend the way that we shop. This includes the purchases that you make for one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day. Therefore, you are not only saving money, but you are also going some way to saving the planet too.

Wedding dresses are like new cars, once worn do not hold their value well. However, some are only worn for a few hours, making them very extravagant and costly, to both the bride and our ecosystem. We aim to resell our dresses for around 50% of the original cost, this is even if the dress has never been worn. Making them more cost effective and much more sustainable.

We hope that by shopping with us for your special day, you will also consider making other changes too, that may help to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint further. You can do this by using the link to the sustainable wedding alliance above and by reading our mission statement when you purchase with us.

We hope that you consider us alongside any other more mainstream bridal shops that you may visit when choosing your dress.

Meet The Team


Emma is very creative and has an eye for design. As soon as we walked into the shop, when we viewed it, Emma had a vision straight away. She has transformed the shop from a dark and worn room, to a beautiful, bright and welcoming bridal shop.

Emma is chatty, bubbly and easy to talk to. She loves fashion and is really good at knowing what style suits.

She cannot wait to meet all of our future brides


People keep asking how we thought of the business idea, the truth is Jess was just literally in the shower and the idea and name came to her head ! Luckily the family liked the idea and she had the backing from family to help fund the business. This is how Jess lives her life, she is very impulsive and thinks about the serious parts later, (or Emma reminds her of them!)

Jess is chatty, fun, up for a laugh and supporting.

Jess literally cannot wait to meet all of her future brides and to make her vision a reality.


Debbie is the driving force between Jess and Emma, she is also our Mum! For as long as we can remember she has pushed us to work hard and do well for ourselves. She is such a hard worker and is driven to succeed. She also loves a holiday and that has definitely rubbed off on Jess!

Debbie will mainly be behind the scenes doing all the admin side such as accounts, but some brides may get the chance to meet her

Debbie wishes all of our future brides the best of luck in their wedding preparations and hopes to meet some of you

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